October 15, 2016

Following a change in the ownership of Kem One Innovative Vinyls by which OpenGate Capital will become the majority shareholder (70%), Kem One Innovative Vinyls adopts a new identity and becomes IVY Group.

The IVY Group objective is to enlarge its presence, with the support of OpenGate Capital, in growing market segments where innovation is needed: sharper product specifications, specific technical assistance and new logistics needs.

With more than 1100 passionate employees, IVY GROUP sells around 350 M€ with a production of 190 KT per year.

What is IVY Group ?

Led by his CEO, Bertrand Repelin, and an Executive Committee, IVY group is focused on technical blends around PVC and TPE (NAKAN), with a significant downstream integration in two sectors : PVC profiles (ALPHACAN) and Piping Systems (OMNIPLAST).

NAKAN business is supported by the Nakan brand with more than 60 years of history and recognition in the field of blends. Nakan business has a strategic global footprint with PVC and TPE compounds as well as its own stabilizers.
NAKAN is located over 8 plants in Europe, Asia and North America and is active in reinforcing its network of first class agents and distributors, developing long term partnerships with key partners in a wide array of industries.
NAKAN is organised around 6 business lines : Automotive Interior, Automotive Exterior, Healthcare, Packaging, Building and Construction, Consumer Goods.

ALPHACAN is a European leader company in innovative profiles and PVC home solutions, active over five sites in Europe with innovation at the heart of its development: a strong R&D team aims to reach products with features of resistance, durability and environmental sustainability.

OMNIPLAST is a European brand that stands for innovation in the field of Piping and Fitting Systems, located in Germany and the Netherlands. The different and various systems are perfectly suitable for any application: Building & Construction, Agriculture and Industry.

IVY Labs
IVY GROUP succeeds in having a strong partnership with customers worldwide: dedicated R&D teams are focused on customers support and assistance, innovation and new technologies.
IVY GROUP is able to reach a high-level in research thanks to a global collaboration with Universities and Experts’ Networks, together with advanced analytical devices.
IVY Labs are one of the major and strategic assets of IVY GROUP which help to create today the vinyl industry of tomorrow.