Embodying OGCulture In All Of Our Practices

OpenGate has created a firm-wide initiative branded, “OGCulture.” Our objective is to enhance the firm’s culture through community and team initiatives that align personal values with experiences that forge strong, team bonds.

OGCulture’s mission is to build relationships within our communities by partnering with local and global charities. We foster growth and development for our employees through team building events, as well as contributing to our communities in a hands-on way.

Taking on Culture by the Quarter

OpenGate takes a proactive approach by developing a quarterly calendar around a variety of events that facilitates a regular course of action.  We celebrate our team’s vast diversity and encourage our employees to bring their ideas together, and with company-sponsored events, we aim to build a better community inside and outside of OpenGate Capital.

A strong culture enables us to develop personally and professionally by bending our reality to our will, manifesting outcomes, sharing experiences, asking great questions, and collaborating in a fully transparent environment.
Andrew Nikou_signature

Founder and CEO

Volunteer events

OGCulture is excited to begin a new company initiative and volunteer with local, non-profit organizations. If you’d like to invite the OpenGate Team to be a part of a local charity or cause, please fill out the contact form below and we will be in touch soon.


Connect with OGCulture